You’ve got the craving and we’ve got the cure. Since 2020 THE CURE Biltong has gone from lockdown to legendary, a craving turned to passion, artisanal flavour packed Biltong that truly speaks for itself.


Our Biltong has character, and each character in our range has been built on a foundation of Prime cuts of Free Range grass-fed beef responsibly sourced from certified British farms. High-quality animal welfare allows us to optimise what nature has to offer in using the highest quality of meat, which is traceable right back to the farm it came from.


Building character lies within the process and ours remains true to tradition. We use quality natural ingredients to marinate and spice our meat. Our air-curing vessels are carefully controlled in terms of airflow and humidity which ensures utter perfection. Once perfectly cured, each piece of meat is hand-selected, sliced and packaged.


Character is being unique – Biltong is enjoyed so many different ways, at THE CURE Biltong we enjoy our Biltong thinly sliced, with a bit of fat, softer and even better washed down with an ice-cold beer or a bold bottle of red.

Meet the Characters



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